‘Miami Culinary Tours’ is a big hit

Whether you are a local resident or a tourist, there are many things that one just cannot miss and The Miami food tasting event is one of those rare events. With so many flavors and cultures in a single area, Miami or rather South Florida turns into a friendly and delicious culinary place for all kinds of people and not just for food lovers.

Miami Culinary Tours founder Grace Della told that they provide a different view on Miami as they were food people; they prefer to know about other cultures and getting to know about new destinations through food. They find comfort in that.

Della is actually from Argentina, but she moved to San Francisco in the year 1993 and she relocated in South Florida in 2002. She told that in 2010, she started Miami Culinary Tours as she was inspired by her mother’s love for food.

While speaking to a leading news website, Della told that her inspiration was her mother. The idea came to her mind around ten years ago when she was sitting with her mom at her parent’s home.

At present, her mother Teresita Bella teaches how to make empanadas. Della added that the culinary tours are booked solid every week. It was actually her mother that made it successful.

After Miami Culinary Tours was launched, it turned into something which is really hot to do in Miami. TripAdvisor has voted it as the second ‘Best Thing to Do in Miami’ for 2 consecutive years.