Holiday air-travel running well

In spite of the freezing weather causing delays and cancellations at airports all over the country for the past few days, but in the midst of all these, things were good for Miami International Airport on Sunday morning.

Since that time, the weather system has moved out, but things were problem free and positive in South Florida. Both in Miami International Airport as well as in Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, delays are just fifteen minutes or less than that on average.

A person who arrived at the Miami International Airport, told that they did not have any problem; everything were good. She told that everything is good in Miami airport. Everything is good and smooth. Everything is good in Miami International Airport.

Travel experts say that travelers must keep an eye on the roads as well as the airports as the week passes by. Triple A stated that 93.3 million people will travel nationwide for the largest travel holiday time of the year. Out of that number, 4.8 million were from Florida alone.

Triple A reported that ninety percent will travel by car and that is around 4.3 million people. They also stated that 267000 people from Florida will take plane to reach to their final holiday destination. This figure is more than four percent compared to last year.

Travel experts have told that if people are going for a holiday, they must make sure that they check the recent status of their flight before going to the airport.