Lisa Ray speaks about package tour in India at an Vancouver event

A tiny bunch of travel industry pros, special guests and media – including Consul General of India in Vancouver Ravi Shankar Aisola – assembled in Vancouver, Canada, previous night to listen to Lisa Ray, star of films like Hollywood Bollywood and Water, as well as the host of Top Chef Canada, to speak about her travels in India.
In his remarks, Mr. Aisola asked people travelling to India to stay for at least a month to get a sense of the people and the place. For many travelers, of course, that is simply not possible, and Ms. Ray said that an organized tour could be a great way to experience India at a deeper level in a short amount of time.
Ms. Ray, who stayed in India for twelve years, stated that until recently she had never thought of getting on a tour bus in any place – never mind a country she called her home. This is the exact reason she was skeptical when Insight Vacations asked her about becoming the worldwide brand ambassador for their Exotics Collection that includes India. She was not really sure what the company could show her about India that she did not already know, but she decided to give their group travel approach an attempt. She told that she has been an avid traveler and nomad for most of her life – having lived in many continents – yet, her recent experiences with Insight have given her a unique perspective. This is the top way to truly experience a new country while indulging the ‘travelista’ in her.