London travel chaos as cab drivers go slow protest

Cab drivers in London are indicating to bring the UK capital to a standstill to dissent against Boris Johnsons taxi pollution assesses. In the capital, the drivers plan is to participate in a go-slow across the city centre from 2 pm. This summer this is the 2nd demonstration against the Mayor of London.
Back in the month of June up to twelve thousand cab drivers blocked up the roads to raise voice against various policies of TfL. The recent protest is being arranged by Cabbies Against Boris organization, who say Mr Johnson is not right to have trashed older taxis on pollution bases, pointing to their own study demonstrating brand new vehicles offer more to pollution compared to older ones.
The Mayor is now all set to appear before House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee the next day, when he is anticipated to be asked regarding the ban. CAB, who stated that their objection was being backed by London Cab Drivers Club, United Cabbies Group as well as by RMT, named as London Taxi Age Limit unlawful and improper.
In a statement regarding the demo, it stated: The London Taxi trade has been subjected to many improper decisions by the Mayor and TFL. The London Taxi Age Limit is improper and unlawful, and deliberately causes financial hardship to taxi drivers, who are the group of workers most badly affected by toxic pollution.
It further added that the Mayor has not been able to fulfill his duty of care to save the public as well as urgent action requires to be taken. In the year 2013, Defra unveiled a report after Environmental Research Group examined ten thousand taxis that confirmed that the brand new taxis were the cause of more pollution compared to those that had been scrapped.