MIA getting direct flights to Prague

On 14th November, Travel Service Airlines will begin twice a week flight service from Miami to Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. This service calls itself the only low budget air carrier of the country. This will be the very carrier to have direct flight service between the capital of Czech and Miami International Airport and that is also with Boeing 737 - 800 aircraft.

Now, Czech Republic, one of the popular travel destinations in Europe, is a part of the United States Visa Waiver Program that allows travelers to stay in the United States for ninety or less days without holding a visa.

The website of Travel Service says that it utilizes the Smart Wings reservations system of the company but it is as of Tuesday and flights that go to Miami were not listed. The company started their service in the year 1997 and at present they are at the top most position in countries like Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic. Travel Service also has important share in Poland flight market. The company has been operating flight services under SmartWings brand regularly since 2004.

Miami International Airport added five new European routes in the past 5 years. And now from this year’s October, Aeroflot will provide air services from the Russian capital Moscow and Travel Service will begin in November. Since the year 2009, Miami International Airport has jumped 2 places in the ranking of leading gateways to Europe from US – from 9th to 7th spot. During 2011, over 2.9 million passengers have travelled from or to Europe via Miami International Airport.