Miami: Cultures Collide

After 20 years it was found by movie stars, music icons and fashion kings, Florida South Beach has really been discovered again. The city baits the sounds, tastes as well as rhythms of the Central America and South America in just one seafront place.

A recent inflow of rich pocketed Latin visitors and 2nd home buyers are forcing Miami progressively upscale as well as both design compulsive hotels as well as chef focused restaurants are coming and adding their very own flavor to this special and unique cultural melting place. And these alterations are complimenting recent crucial urban upgrades. Along with summer already in full force, this city is slightly slowing down - trading sun- lusted East Coasters for the sun worshipping European people who pack the South Beach each year in July and August.

Creats South Beach your ground for the low primal getaway but do not forget regarding the rest of the city. Miami's very own nascent Design District rivals SoHo for a top tier luxurious shopping - from Margiela to Marni - when the art picture galleries in Wynwood graze from blue-chip to experimental. However, to reach is a glary new Miami Art Museum rising along with Biscayne Bay as well as, in December, the yearly Art Basil Miami Beach festival; 3 days of dinners, parties and openings.

There are several hotels in the beach, but none of these blend culture, location, cuisine and style and like W South Beach. In the lobby, the owners of the hotel display a museum's blue-chip contemporary artworks.