Miami Airport breaks forty million passengers

Miami International Airport concluded 2013 by achieving the forty million passenger mark for the very 1st time in the 85 year history of the airport and securing a brand new record for annual passengers for 4th year in a row.

In the year 2010, Miami International Airport hit 35.7 million passenger mark for the very first time. Since then, the annual passenger traffic of this airport has gone up by over twelve percent. Carlos Gimenez, the Miami Dade County mayor, congratulated the Aviation Department and the entire Miami International Airport community on this historic milestone.

He told that continued growth at their top economic engine is very good news for their economy as well as for continued job growth in Miami Dade County.

Since 1st December, over 3.1 million passengers have traveled through this airport and that includes a single day record of 139940 passengers set on 21st December, 2013.

Emilio González, the Miami Dade aviation director said that this is a real proud moment for Miami International Airport as well as the people who run this airport going twenty four a day; 365 days a year. Reaching the forty million mark, with half of that total being international passengers, speaks to Miami International Airport’s staying power as one of the top international airport in the world. He added that their strategy in 2014 is to aggressively look new international carriers to their spot as a real global airport.