Miami Cross Country team goes to Nebraska

Men’s cross country team of Miami University travels to Lincoln in Nebraska to take part in Woody Greene Nebraska Invitational later this weekend. The RedHawks are now going ahead with momentum from past weekend’s great home performance.

Warren Mandrell, the chief coach, has stated that they are coming off a nice race at home, they had a solid workout yesterday, so hopefully they would be able to transform that into a good race. This week's meet, however, brings a whole different scene. The Red and White travel to Nebraska 'relishing' a 10/11 hour bus ride. The squad left on Thursday so that they could break up travel time.

Junior Matt Stewart does not believe that the long travel would have any physical consequence on the runners. Stewart added that if anything, it would be helpful because they would have more rest, and in terms of bonding, it might help them mentally prepare.

On Friday, Warren and the team plan to look at the course. It would be the very first time when Miami has ever taken part these. He told that he believes that in a new, different place always brings a little extra excitement.

As per Mandrell, twenty five schools took part in this race previous year, and this year, there could even be more. Stewart stated that in these larger meets, the aim is to still go out and attack and run together, it might be harder to maneuver around the course, but it should not be more challenging.