Miami police veteran journeys the country

Bullying is a part of society and it has different forms, whether it is bullying through emails, via text messages or even via social networking sites. At times, it could also be verbal or physical. But Joe Schillaci is now on a mission to end it all.

Joe Schillaci, a Miami police veteran, is no stranger, especially to those who watch TV reality show called ‘The First 48’. While speaking to Local 10 Crime Specialist, he told that he is not trying to act like a God, he is just trying to speak about bullying and prevent that kind of violence.

Twenty nine year Joe is traveling to all across the nation and talking to thousands of children and adults regarding the devastating effects of bullying or verbal violence.

There was an Italian kid from NYC and he was bullied badly in his school. After that incident, the world around the kid changed; everything that stood by – fall apart. This event took place in September, 1991. After 21 years, the guy recalled the incident. He told that four kids ambushed him and his friend. One of them put a gun to his friend’s head and pushed the trigger 5 times. He did not think anything that that point of time; he just returned what he was trained. He automatically reacted to that level of violence.

Joe thinks that what happened that night was physical violence and he thinks that it is the result of bullying or verbal violence. People from all corners must work to stop bullying.