Miami student gets Eco Hero prize

The fourteen year old South Miami Middle student Kelsey Peeples had been seeing the 6:30 am morning news, eagerly waiting for news-presenter Kristi Krueger as well as Zoo Miami spokesperson Ron Magill to declare the Eco Hero contest's winner.

When exuberant Krueger announced that Kelsey is the winner, she covered her face with hands and she could not believe that she is the one won won this contest. After a moment of shock the 8th grader student thanked.

Kelsey Peeples beat out over four hundred local middle school students who were nominated for Eco Hero competition. As her prize, she will go to Peru, accompanied by her mother, Krueger, Magill as well as Channel 10 crew. All of them will leave for Peru on 20th July. There, they will shoot a documentary on Machu Picchu and Peruvian Amazon.

For 5 days, they would tour the rain forest canopy, speak with the people in South American country and learn about all the environmental challenges confronting the Amazon rainforest.

Magill started the essay contest ten years ago as a good way to involve students in learning regarding the environment. In the past, the winners of the contest have journeyed to far away places such as Alaska, South Africa, the Galapagos and Panama. Magill told that travel is the kind of education which sticks with people. It is really indelible. It grounds people. In a recent Galapagos trip, Magill saw the students helping a recycling plant without thinking about their spring break.