Miami Travel Club to go to Iran

After getting a personal invite from Admadinejad, the President of Iran, Buddy Hatton got a visa where just 1500 Americans are allowed to go to Iran each year and that resulted in filming of - Iran, Then and Now. The Miami Travel Club will see Hatton’s movie on 2nd February, Saturday, at 7:30 pm in Blue and Gold Room of the Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College.

Hatton dispels the several misconceptions of Iranian people showed by main stream media. Buddy tells that they are hospitable, welcoming and generous. From Cradle of Civilization to the modern Iran, you would see the Iranian people in their regular lives and one of the surprises is Christmas celebration in the country.

The film Iran, Then and Now was chosen to open the well known Iranian International Film Festival on 8th Sep, 2012 in San Francisco, US. Buddy Hatton is a travel adventure film cinematographer and producer. His movie release Iran, Then and Now offers viewers an in-depth view into a country which is filled with controversy, scenery, vibrant culture and people.

the members of the Travel Club are reminded that they have a reservation for the film and dinner. Those unable to go are asked to dial 918 542-5162 no later than 6th Feb, Wednesday to cancel reservations. The dinner that starts at 6:30 pm and cost US$10. Invitees must call this number listed to reserve. The Miami Travel Club arranges 5 professional movies during the season for costs of US$ 25.