Miami was the 3rd favorite travel destination

It must not be a huge a surprise to those who has gone through the Lincoln Road and listened to the exotic accents menagerie, but Miami is the main vacation place for the tourists of Europe. It is the 3rd most popular place this summer of any city for travelers from the continent. Apparently, tourists from France have a mainly strong intimacy with Miami.

A leading website reported that hotel search site Trivago revealed the most popular travel destinations in the United States for European travelers. The top five American cities are New York, Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The site also revealed each city in the top – 10 by their nationalities. Germans came at number one with thirty percent. French nationals came at number two with 18 percent and British people came at 15 percent followed by Italian and Spanish citizen.

There is no surprise that the Germans have claimed the number one spot given their population. If Russia is not counted in Europe, then Germany has the largest population in Europe – around sixteen million. The Germans were also top travelers in 7 of the top – 10 cities in the United States.

Miami welcomed French tourists by a large margin and was the only destination in the top 10 where French visitors topped tourists from the United Kingdom.

The Metropolitan in Miami Beach will be in Collins Avenue, in an art deco mansion made in the year 1939. This building was earlier the Traymore Hotel. The new hotel will have seventy four rooms, two restaurants as well as a spa.