New trains to to Miami

According to reports, a Miami transportation and real estate company revealed on Wednesday that their plans to go with a one billion dollar project to build a private passenger train service between Orlando and Miami to start functioning by the end of the year 2014. The main features are – it would be a unsubsidized service between two cities and most importantly this route is heavily traveled by tourists as well as convention goers.

Florida East Coast Industries told that their project, ‘All Aboard Florida’ is financially executable without the help of state or federal grants or subsidies.

Husein Cumber, the vice president of Florida East Coast Railway’s corporate development, told that after completing their due diligence, they have decided to go through it. Florida East Coast Railway operates the existing freight line of the company.

The construction of the line would start in the early 2013 and when finished the brand new train service would be the single non-subsidized privately run railway link between 2 major cities of the country. A similar plan has been proposed for the Houston and Dallas link to Texas.

At present, Amtrak, which is the government-owned national rail network, offers a daily service between Orlando and Miami, taking 5 to 7 hours.

The declaration comes after Rick Scott, the Florida Governor refused federal funding in the year 2011 for a high-speed rail network linking Miami, Tampa and Orlando, telling that their state could not yield it. The brand new train service is designed for business travelers and tourists.