New VIP Lounge at Miami airport

LAN Airlines as well as their affiliates along with TAM Airlines stated that now passengers have admission to a brand new VIP lounge at the Miami International Airport. The lounge, placed opposite Gate J4 on 2nd floor of Terminal J at the Miami International Airport marks the very 1st time when TAM and LAN would have a dedicated lounge for passengers in the airport.

Facilities available at the brand new lounge include delightful finger foods selected by the Master Chef Hugo Pantano followed by champagne and wine selected by Hector Vergara (South America’s only Master Sommelier), complimentary wifi, a laser printer, PCs, MACs, complimentary international magazines, newspapers, cable television as well as showers for visitors looking to refresh and recharge.

The lounge would serve an estimated four hundred and fifty passengers in a day and would open to Comodoro card holders, LANPASS Premium Silver, TAM Fidelidade Red and Black card holders, people traveling LAN with a Premium Business Class ticket, TAM Airlines with a Business Class or 1st class ticket, Swiss Air, Avianca and Lufthansa passengers who has business class tickets.

The new lounge is all set to redesigned next year by Mathias Klotz and Lillian Allen, the well known Chilean architects and famous design firm Studio Putman.
Recently, Qatar Airways has stated that Miami to be their 6th destination to the United States starting from 10th June, 2014.