New VIP Lounge at Miami airport

LAN Airlines as well as their affiliates along with TAM Airlines stated that now passengers have admission to a brand new VIP lounge at the Miami International Airport. The lounge, placed opposite Gate J4 on 2nd floor of Terminal J at the Miami International Airport marks the very 1st time when TAM and LAN would have a dedicated lounge for passengers in the airport.

Miami was the 3rd favorite travel destination

It must not be a huge a surprise to those who has gone through the Lincoln Road and listened to the exotic accents menagerie, but Miami is the main vacation place for the tourists of Europe. It is the 3rd most popular place this summer of any city for travelers from the continent. Apparently, tourists from France have a mainly strong intimacy with Miami.

Millennials in Travel

Millennials in Travel will launch their 2nd chapter in Miami on 20th June 20 this year at the W South Beach Hotel & Residences. Millennials in Travel, as a networking and career development organization, has paved the path for new professionals in travel industry to connect through social media forums, volunteering opportunities and monthly events while offering assistance with job placement scopes within the travel industry.

Miami student gets Eco Hero prize

The fourteen year old South Miami Middle student Kelsey Peeples had been seeing the 6:30 am morning news, eagerly waiting for news-presenter Kristi Krueger as well as Zoo Miami spokesperson Ron Magill to declare the Eco Hero contest's winner.

When exuberant Krueger announced that Kelsey is the winner, she covered her face with hands and she could not believe that she is the one won won this contest. After a moment of shock the 8th grader student thanked.

Miami - flooded with top class hotels

To understand the amount of investment in new hotels in Miami these days, it is worth to take a stroll up to the Collins Avenue.

Collins avenue, which is also known as State road A1A, goes parallel to miles of the Atlantic Ocean which offer Miami Beach its name. The road was named for John Collins, the well known developer who made the very first bridge linking this strip to the mainland in the year 1913. At that time alone, John Collins would have no path of knowing that one day, his namesake road would be home to one of the nation's most prolific hotel opening regions.

Miami Travel Club to go to Iran

After getting a personal invite from Admadinejad, the President of Iran, Buddy Hatton got a visa where just 1500 Americans are allowed to go to Iran each year and that resulted in filming of - Iran, Then and Now. The Miami Travel Club will see Hatton’s movie on 2nd February, Saturday, at 7:30 pm in Blue and Gold Room of the Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College.

Holiday air-travel running well

In spite of the freezing weather causing delays and cancellations at airports all over the country for the past few days, but in the midst of all these, things were good for Miami International Airport on Sunday morning.

Since that time, the weather system has moved out, but things were problem free and positive in South Florida. Both in Miami International Airport as well as in Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, delays are just fifteen minutes or less than that on average.

Miami police veteran journeys the country

Bullying is a part of society and it has different forms, whether it is bullying through emails, via text messages or even via social networking sites. At times, it could also be verbal or physical. But Joe Schillaci is now on a mission to end it all.

Joe Schillaci, a Miami police veteran, is no stranger, especially to those who watch TV reality show called ‘The First 48’. While speaking to Local 10 Crime Specialist, he told that he is not trying to act like a God, he is just trying to speak about bullying and prevent that kind of violence.

‘Miami Culinary Tours’ is a big hit

Whether you are a local resident or a tourist, there are many things that one just cannot miss and The Miami food tasting event is one of those rare events. With so many flavors and cultures in a single area, Miami or rather South Florida turns into a friendly and delicious culinary place for all kinds of people and not just for food lovers.

Miami Culinary Tours founder Grace Della told that they provide a different view on Miami as they were food people; they prefer to know about other cultures and getting to know about new destinations through food. They find comfort in that.

MIA getting direct flights to Prague

On 14th November, Travel Service Airlines will begin twice a week flight service from Miami to Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. This service calls itself the only low budget air carrier of the country. This will be the very carrier to have direct flight service between the capital of Czech and Miami International Airport and that is also with Boeing 737 - 800 aircraft.